Coburg Hills Bernese Mountain Dogs

~ NEWS ~


Flame finished his Grand Championship!

We have had a busy summer filled with puppies, dog shows, and finishing up dogs' clearances. Zoe finished her championship in June with four majors. Quite a feat for such a young girl.

Ange and I escaped to the Oregon coast for a four day show. Nazar took winner's dog every day he was shown and has started collecting his championship points.

Zoe and Siri both went to a vet that specialized in OFA's and were tested for their elbows and hips. Documents for both girls is available on their specific pages.


Zoe went to California for a little showing adventure. In only one week of showing, she has won both her majors and we are very happy.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America National Specialty was held in Portland at the end of April. We had a great time participating with our dogs and came home with some nice wins.

Zoe (Coburg Hills Almost Famous) placed 4th in her class. Equally as important, is she cleared her eye and health clearances there as well.

Spirit (Coburg Hills Seeing is Believing v Esmera) placed 3rd in his huge 6-9 month puppy sweeps class.

And last but not least, our import Nazar from Croatia.

Honey looked beautiful in her huge open class.


Albany dog show went well with Flame picking up more points towards his Grand Championship. Spirit at four months old showed well and earned a Group 4 in Puppy Competition, as well as received his eye clearance (picture coming). Sheila won bred by with me showing her, although terribly out of coat from puppies, so she still needs the major to finish. In addition, we completed numerous health clearances for vWd and DM.

Our National Specialty for Bernese Mtn Dogs will be held in Portland this year! Great opportunity to see a lot of berners in one place. More information is here: Summit to the Sea. Our focus for the next two months will be getting our dogs ready for this show.


Ange worked at the Puyallup and Portland shows and attended with Flame. He earned more points towards his Grand Championship by taking Select in Portland in a tough group of specials. Meanwhile, I stayed home with puppies and worked on completed health clearances with our adult dogs. Splenda and Leia had their final hip and elbow clearances complete and they are both good hips and normal elbows (see their specific pages for health clearance information).

FALL 2016

Flame at the Eugene show in Brownsville, after he took Best of Breed. He is three years old.

Nazar at the Eugene show; he took reserve winner's dog both days to a major. He is two years old and maturing nicely. He also received his final health clearance - heart.

JULY 2016

We have had a super busy July trying to play catch-up.  We attended the first BMDCO regional specialty in Portland and had a good time.

Our young import, Nazar, received his final hip and elbow clearances from OFA and they are excellent for hips and normal for elbows.  He has both DM tests done now as well as the vWd test done.  In addition, we had eye and heart clearances completed on two younger girls.    

We enjoyed the Redmond Oregon dog shows the first weekend of July.  Bolt won the last of the single points needed and now waits for the one last major to complete his championship.  Sheila is also in the same position.  But Sheila thrilled us all with a Best of Breed win over three specials on Saturday.  Ange's french bulldog also won his first points out of the 6-9 month puppy dog class.  Looking forward to the upcoming regional BMDCA specialty in Portland.  

MAY 2016
Lately our priorities have included our own dogs (many young dogs that need health clearances completed) as well as working to get them ready for upcoming summer shows. In addition, we are moving into our new house. All of this, coupled with full time jobs, mean it may take longer then we would like to respond to emails. Thank you for your patience.

MARCH 2016
We have been quite busy lately with puppies, the holidays, and trying to finish our new house. Now that puppies have gone home, it is our time to work with our adult dogs and progress on health testing. We just recently completed the DM Sod B testing for three of our dogs and they all came back as clear (Rebel, Paris, and Dublin). There are a limited number of dogs that are clear for both DM strains, so we were quite happy. In addition, we had two heart clearances completed for Honey and Splenda (have to be completed by a dog cardiologist). Honey will now be receiving her CHIC number from OFA.

I love this photo of Flame with Leia for a number of reasons. It illustrates the tremendous growth that occurs in a relatively short time. They are just 16 months apart in age. Both dogs are also out of Mercy; her first litter (Flame) and her second litter (Leia).

Some photos from the 2015 National Specialty in Monterey, California. Harley (Ch Adesa's Up For A Ride) won his class each day. He is 10 years old and in the Veterans 9-11 year old class. Splenda is going through a big growing spurt, but still managed to place in her futurity class.

Harley (Ch Adesa's Up For A Ride)

Splenda (Coburg Hills Sweet Thing v Esmera)

Flame (Ch Coburg Hills Let It Burn v Esmera) in open.

Flame winning his first major towards his championship (February 2015). He finished his championship quickly.