Coburg Hills Bernese Mountain Dogs

Puppy Plans

Hopefully puppies in the summer. When we do have puppies, we are devoted to their little lives and all our time is focused on the puppies. So please be patient and email us (much appreciated!).

Photos Below are From Past Litters.

Updated February 1, 2018

Click here for more information regarding how puppies are raised when they live here. We work hard to set them up for success in life.

If you have any questions please email us.

Please DO NOT buy a berner-doodle.

Process of Purchasing a Puppy:
(1) Fill out our questionnaire and mail it to me (Michelle Merfeld, PO Box 7874, Springfield, OR 97475; email me if you have any questions concerning it. I will email you when I receive it and add you to my waiting list.
Here it is in a word document as well.
(2) Once the puppies are born we require a deposit ($500) to reserve one. Some people choose to send the deposit prior to the puppies' birth. Your deposit is applied to the purchase price of a puppy (companion puppies are a total price of $2,500 with a spay/neuter contract) with the balance due when you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks old. If I do not have a puppy that matches your home life, your deposit will be returned.
(3) Families will have an opportunity to visit the puppies at 6 weeks, but you will not know which exact puppies will go home with you until they are atleast 7-8 weeks of age and evaluations are complete. We do not have outside visitors prior to 6 weeks so as to not expose puppies to life threatening diseases. No exceptions.
(4) We DO NOT ship puppies; please do not inquiry/reserve one unless you are able to travel to pick up your puppy and meet us. We prefer to keep puppies on the west coast (and do not place puppies in Alaska due to a personal experience with a previous puppy buyer; sorry).

We reserve the right to return your deposit if at any time we feel you do not meet the profile we seek to provide; a loving home for one of our new puppies. This allows us to ask important questions to determine if we have a match.

Dublin and Paris are out of this wonderful litter.









Please understand that we are very busy and receive multiple requests daily concerning puppies; therefore, we rely upon email as our primary means of contact and not the telephone.

Breeding Considerations:
All litters are planned after consideration of my girls’ qualities and faults. Health evaluations are done prior to breeding and documentation is available on each dogs' individual page. While no dog is perfect, no known fault is doubled up on. Please make sure you do your research concerning parents' health clearances. We perform the following clearances on breeding dogs (eyes, vWd, heart, DM, thyroid, hips, and elbows).

We utilitze the following for testing purposes. Click on the photo to go to the relevant link. Do not assume that a breeder does health testing unless you have their official AKC name and are able to verify the health clearance on the related site or they provide a copy of the health clearance on their website.

Most puppies will be placed as “companion” dogs; therefore they will NOT be used for breeding and will have a limited AKC registration. They MUST be spayed or neutered. You will not receive their AKC registration until we receive proof of the spay/neuter. We do not place “potential” show puppies with breeders that we do not know. My priority is in placing puppies in loving homes, rather then show homes; many show quality puppies of mine end up in companion pet homes.

Puppies will leave signed contract and a 72 hour guarantee concerning their health. We ask that you follow our recommendations concerning feeding and vaccines. I am available to provide support for the life of your dog. I have raised many berners over the years and can answer many questions you may have.

Puppies are available to approved homes only. Please fill out the questionnaire in order to be on the waiting list. We understand that waiting is hard to do, but your perfect puppy will come along before you know it.

The girls from my third litter (many years ago now).